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Best Quote from the True Blood Panel at 2013 Comic Con

BS Ifrit

“We’re going to try to condense the number of stories we’re telling and make this really feel like we’re coming home,” [Brian] Buckner said to great applause. “I wanna bring it in a little bit. Not to discount Charlaine [Harris]‘ books at all, but my hope is to get all these people we love living under this one story and one threat. Really just make it about this small town we’ve all come to know and love.”

Well, that’s rich. The huge mess, the billion storylines, the dirty white trash werewolves, the ENDLESS maenad orgies, the feminine hygiene commercial faeries, the wasted season of The Authority, the continuous propping up of Bill Compton as the Hero of the show, the SHEARING OF ERIC NORTHMAN’s HAIR (no I’ll never get off that soapbox), and the Ifrit, that was Charlaine Harris’ fault was it?

Boy, not only do they feel like they can get away retconning their own mythology and storylines to fit wherever the hell they decide to go each season, they’re now retconning what their showrunner has said year after year (paraphrasing) “If we followed the books’ storylines, book readers would be bored.”  I see, I’ve been mistaken, what I have been watching is a faithful adaptation of  Charlaine Harris’ “The Southern Vampire Mysteries.”  Close, just like “Game of Thrones” to GRRM’s books.  Those books I read before the series started must have been an alternate universe vampire book series.

I will give them that they seem to be focusing more on the important characters this season, and Eric’s storyline has been fantastic so far, but we are on the downward side of the season and usually around episode 8 (because this season is shorter we’ll have to place the episode at 6 or 7) it all starts falling apart, not coming together.


I may no longer be a Harris fan because of the way she wrote the coming together of  Sam and Sookie in her  last “Southern Vampire Book,” but I will defend her against any comments that she is to blame for the clusterf*%$k that is True  Blood.


THIS is the reason I canceled HBO

Ah the first teaser for the Sixth Season of True Blood.  It looks dreadful. 

Immediately after the end of Season Five I canceled HBO. I couldn’t even get up the energy to post a blog for the last episode. True Blood has become a ridiculous mess.  Alan Ball’s early comment/promise that he would “stay true to the spirit of the books” has been proven a lie.  Who cares if EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER is in danger YET AGAIN this season.  

The Southern Vampire Mysteries book series is about this unusual woman and the small town in which she lived.  The characters are part of a small community that a reader comes to know and love.  True Blood has contorted, distorted and corrupted these characters until they have become unrelated to each other and infinitely unlikable.  Why should I care about what happens to anyone?

Honestly put this show out of it’s misery.  It’s a mess.   It’s been a mess since Maryann was elevated to a main character and it’s only gotten worse as the seasons have gone on.

By the looks of the casting calls the TPTB haven’t learned any lessons from the past. It’s another cast of thousands with several principal “big bads” who will be dead by the end of the season. YAWN.

“There’s no one to protect us now!”  That’s certainly true.  “It’s the beginning of the end.”  It surely is, though I would argue Season 4 Episode 8 was the beginning of the end.  

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