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AND NOW FOR AN EDITORIAL……Really? Season 5 Episode 4 PT 2

From the beginning of  the publicity for Season 5, interviewers have been asking all the actors who Sookie belongs with and their answers, every single one of their answers was “Oh, Sookie belongs with Bill of course.  It’s obvious the actors have been coached to say this.  It’s obvious to all of us.  Then there was this in Episode 4:

Jessica:  “Bill, I saw her [Sookie] and she was falling apart.  This is different and i don’t care about what happened.  Sookie and you is different than Sookie an’ anyone else.”

Ah the cringe-worthy face of Bill Compton in love.

But it won’t work.  Say it all you want, in every way possible, but most of your viewers do not want Bill and Sookie back together again.


Dear HBO and Alan Ball,

Are you trying to figure out why people are bailing on your show?  Do you really think it was because Sookie and Bill weren’t together for most of Season 3 and Season 4?    That’s pretty laughable if you read what the critics and the bloggers have been saying.  Yes, there are a handful of viewers who think Sookie and Bill are da bomb, but most of your viewers dislike the two of them together.  When Bill was angling and shifty, kidnapped by Russel, he was interesting, but with Sookie becomes this emo, overly protective, dull character.   Sookie ends up looking like an idiot who loves to be dominated and abused.

Take my word for it NO ONE wants Bill and Sookie back together again.

Wanna really know what’s wrong with the show and why people are bailing?

First of all the show makes no sense.  There are no through-lines, no one-season arc.  There are WAY too many storylines for minor characters, too many characters in general!  No one cared about Terry and Arlene’s baby/Laffy’s being a medium.  No one cares about Sam and Luna, no one cares about the Authority it’s turned out to be a vary disappointing and confused organization, and NO ONE  cares about the borderline offensive, Terry and Iraq (in fact it belongs as it’s own movie on Lifetime).  We didin’t care about Maryanne, for that matter, we hated her storyline, it sucked up the interesting part of the show, the vampires.  If each season had been hung on the backbone of each of Charlaine Harris’ books, like the first season, your viewers would continue to tune in.  Please note, I said on the backbone, by which I mean the main story arc, offshoots and minor story lines would have worked fine.

The ratings were high at the beginning of Season 4 because there was a hope that the that the season would follow the favorite book in Harris’ series  a bit closer than Seasons 2 and 3.   It wasn’t, it was incomprehensible even as a unique new story.  The avenues that were open to the characters at the end of “Dead to the World” were effectively cut off, so guess what?  You  got a drop in the ratings for this season’s premiere.

Here’s another problem.  The characters, who started out as the characters in Ms. Harris’ books, have been twisted and shoved into scenes and story lines in which they do not belong, so they more times than not do things that don’t make sense and look psychotic.

But the biggest problem is that story, mythology that the creators have come up with themselves, and events they wrote are dropped as if they never occurred.

I asked this on my previous blog.  Do the writers ever bother to watch past shows before they write their episodes?  No consequences or further mention of Bill allowing the Rattrays to beat the crap out of Sookie since the big reveal in Season 3.  Another fine example, in Season 3, Bill tells Sookie other vampires won’t have the will power that he does not to drain her, but just a few days before Bill DRAINED her to within an inch of her life.  No mention of that, Sookie basically nods in agreement.  She’s forgotten too.  Jason was raped repeatedly by the young women in Hotshot, one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen on TV.  But in the last two seasons it’s as if it never happened.  Do you really think we aren’t paying attention?  This is the sloppiest show on television.  I’m  really at a loss as  to what the point of the whole show is.

Many of us speculate that all the retcon happens so that Bill can be pushed to the forefront at every turn.  If so, what a mistake you have made.  A friend of mine, who is a viewer, but not one who is obsessed with the show, said to me last year “You know they can try all they might, they can push Bill/Stephen in the press, but they have no control over the fact that Alex/Eric is the favorite character.  They can try all they might but there’s nothing they can do.” And she’s right.  Stephen might have been signed a the leading man, but Alex has emerged as the character who is the most important to the success of the show.  Admit you made a mistake, fix it and move forward.

We have now heard a rumor that by the end of the season Sookie and Bill will be reunited.  If you have done this, watch your ratings next season slip even more.  I predict it because, as I said, the majority of your viewers don’t want it.  We enjoy Bill on his own, we can’t stand him as part of “Sookie and Bill.”

This season is already an unholy mess.  The only thing you have going for you is Pam and Tara, really.  Eric is subjugated to Bill’s “yes” man.  He’s no longer the powerful ancient viking, he’s just another average vampire.  Laffy looks like he’s going to be entering into another monkey-faced demon storyline.  Terry’s storyline, I can assure you, is used for a potty break and snack time.  Jason is wonderful but you’ve been wasting him for years now.  The Authority is as big a fail as Fairyland.  I predict the ratings to fall even further this season and it won’t be because Bill and Sookie aren’t together.  It will be partly because Eric has been shifted to the back, and perhaps, I can see this coming a mile away actually, the villain.

I’m sure you feel you gave the viewers what they wanted last season, but you didin’t.  You defanged Eric, as opposed to just giving him amnesia, you made the witch “war” ridiculous and you made the one female character who is not a doormat into a vain, whiney child, who would betray her maker because she was no longer beautiful.  Giving Eric all his memories back  deflated any tension that would be between Sookie and Eric.  Having Sookie not only forgive Bill, but ask his forgiveness (for what, no one can figure out) you made her into an apologist for abusers.

The final reason ratings are slipping is that you have a heroine that no one likes.  As I said in my last blog the character is totally ruined.  You’ve take a strong, brave, loving character and made her into a shrill, whiney, damsel in distress.  If you polled  your viewers you would find that no one would care if she was killed off.  She’s more annoying than Tara on her worst day.

I used to love this show.  I used to have dinner parties for the show every Sunday night.  Now I sit at home and watch it with my hands over my eyes.  I was hoping there might be a readjustment for Season 6, but ending Season 5 on Sookie and Bill lets me know it’s gonna be the same ole, same ole next year too.  What a waste of good material. 😦


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