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This show is definitely in it’s “Sunset” years. Really! True Blood Season 5 Episode 11

I’ve been sitting here all week trying to figure out what to write.  I attempted to watch the episode three more times.  Each time my interest wandered away to other things.  I looked at my notes and there wasn’t much there, much like this season.

This episode had a scene in which Eric paced like caged a lion in his room at The Authority.

This is me

pacing back

and forth

waiting for something,

anything that resembled a well-plotted story.

This whole season is exemplified by a character that was introduced in this episode, the Elder Faerie.  She has so much in her head, she’s so scattered, that she has no focus.  Poor Erica Gimpel, her role as Coco on “Fame” sure didn’t prepare her for this!

Poor poor Erica

forced to dance

to contort

her body

in the dissonance that is this show.

Elder Faerie or Oompa Loompa dance?

Looking back over 11 episodes one thing is clearer than ever, True Blood is a show about Vampire Bill Compton.  No matter how many characters, or “story lines” for those characters, they cram in, it has always been about Bill Compton.  Unfortunately, Bill Compton as a character is not very compelling.  Those of us who wonder about these things, and there is a bunch of us, wonder what it was about Vampire Bill that turned Alan Ball on so much that he decided to drop everything good about the stories already there for him to enhance, and focus on this character.   In doing so, he sacrificed the protagonist of the books, a strong spunky loyal woman who saves those she loves and herself from dire supernatural situations.

But I digress.  Because this season is solely about Bill Compton, bringing Russell back at this particular time was misguided.  Russell has been wasted because he is a part of Eric’s story,  and to a lesser extent Sookie’s (as written by Alan Ball and his co-horts, not in the books. So BB critics who want to slam me with that can shut it!)  Just as in previous years, stuffing certain characters into story lines where they don’t belong, Russell has been stuffed into this one.  And now he’s floundering.  Was he brought back just to give newly turned  Steve Newlin a boyfriend?  Or to give Sookie something to do?  Russel is after faerie blood.  Ooookay.  Well, it took 10 episodes to get him to the faeries and that story line is one of the weakest of all.  What a waste of Denis O’Hare.  The writing for his character is so subpar this year that there’s not much he can do but chew a bit of the scenery.  Sad, because he was such a full character in Season 3.

See, it made no sense (not uncommon with this series) that Eric would just co-exist in a batshit crazy cave with the vampire who wiped out his entire family.  He didn’t kill him in Season 3 because Alan Ball just can’t let go of his crazy characters, but once Eric and Russell were in the same breathing space, Eric should have been plotting Russell’s demise.   However, because this season was about Bill, Eric was reduced to a horrified observer, which is out of character for the character (that Alan Ball and his cohorts have been writing).  Bill knows what Russell is capable of as well, even indoctrinated into this completely stupid cult he knows this, so it also makes no sense that Bill would do nothing to end Russell.

Kind of off this subject but not.  If Bill, who was SO concerned with Sookie’s well being that he threw Eric into the cement along with Russell (after all he sat there in her house telling her he ended everyone who had tasted her, even Pam), why didn’t he end Russell in that cement then and there?  The cement was still wet.  Bill is a stronger vampire than he’s supposed to be at his age.  He could have swooped on down there, found Russell and staked him to goo.  Russell was the real threat to Sookie, Bill knew that.  Yet he didn’t give Russell his final death.  Why?  I guess this is simply one of the plot holes dug by the writers.

This episode was just so meh, that I really have nothing much to say except I NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER want to see blood- and offal-covered merkined Lilith again as long as I live.

This is my face every time she’s on screen:

Just a few comments.

I’m more than ready for these two to get staked:

Bill’s Lady Macbeth was classic:  “Out out damned spot…..”

What a great idea!  An all vampire version of Macbeth!

The Queen plays the Lady!

If you don’t introduce a character properly there is no chemistry:

The actors can hug and kiss

They can even simulate sex

But it doesn’t give them chemistry.

Oh I get it, Joe Manganiello has a great body, but he wooden when he acts so:

Let’s just film him with his shirt off and it will distract everyone so they won’t notice.

Another great scene in which women are degraded and battered on this show:

Great batter’s face though.  Stephan is certainly doing a great job this year portraying the “mendacious” Mr. Compton.

Thanks Daddy!

The Jason sandwich amused me only because I heard Ryan talk about how much the three of them wanted to act together.  Other than that it was just creepy.

Scene from “Lassie Come Home?”

Er Marella, your baby bump?

Last week it looked like this…

This week it looks like this…’re deflating!!

The one genuinely funny scene:

Where are the faeries?

Vamp speeding faerie hunt

And now I leave you with the highlight of the episode.

That FACE!

Screen caps by The Witch of Bon Temps


“Gone, Gone, Gone” to get a snack, really. call me if anything original happens: True Blood Season 5 Episode 10

This show has gotten so bad I’m finding it hard to find any motivation to write this week.

What I noticed most this week was how much was stolen from other stories and from previous seasons of True Blood itself.

1. Let’s talk about this Warlow character.

First of all, look at the writing on this scroll:

Someone was playing Hangman!!

Jason and Sookie find a scroll with writing that clearly isn’t in any language.  What  do they assume? Why it’s human, of course, and off they go to Northern Lousiana State University to speak to a linguistics professor.

If these two had any deductive reasoning they would have gone directly to their faerie whatevertheyare and either left room for another 4-5 minute scene or let the show end in 42 minutes instead of 47:28 and we all could have gone to bed earlier.

So these two geniuses get a clue and visit this family of faeries that claim they’ve been looking out for Stackhouses for centuries (but they’re not very good a protecting, just watching) and we find that faeries have a gestation period of about what? 5 to 8 days?  How long has it been since Maurella and Andy had their tryst?

So Maurella uses her ancient Faerie powers to translate this THING and…

We find that the writers have decided to borrow from the Brothers Grim and Warlow is actually this guy…..

Better show by the way…

2.  Lilith?

Or Akasha from “Queen of the Damned”

Anne Rice should sue.

3.  Sam and Luna?

Or the mice who run planet Earth in “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?”

4.  Does this look familiar?

No?  Then let me  take you back to Season 3.

5.  This image familiar?

How about last episode?

Just an example of how my mind wandered throughout the episode, even after watching it 3 times to try to write this week’s blog!

6.  Did you all HAVE to kill off Molly?  She was the first new character I really liked.

Look at that Bastard’s face

Hate you more than I thought possible Bill.

Bye Molly.  You didn’t deserve this!

7. Why after just telling Jason that Mike Spencer wanted to suck her toes would Sookie, in her pajamas, let Mike Spencer into her house?  C’mon writers please give our girl SOME sense!

However, the result of her stupidness gave me one of my rare real laughs of the season:

Sookie, her chopstake and her disguest!

8.  Why couldn’t Russel have just killed Nora.  Kill her man, kill her now.  You kill Molly but save Nora?  She’s just the worst!

Now  the Good.  There WERE a few very good scenes and another wonderful performance from Alexander Skarsgard.

Aside from the Sookie/Mike scene,  I thought these scenes were of the quality this show should be all the time:

Jessica glamouring herself and Jason out of Hoyt’s mind and heart:

Tara kicking major ass!!!!

“I don’t know nothing about birthing no vampire babies!”

Off with Elija’s head!

Taking no prisoners, making no excuses

Like mother like daughter.  BTW make-up people, could we please cut down on the fake eyelashes.  They’re getting distracting!

The pleasure that is Ginger!

Loved this little bit of Russell:

“I wish I had just one drop of faerie blood to….

“….stuff in your pie hole!!”

Oh Jason LOL!

Another great performance by Alexander Skarsgard:

Father I tried….

to save her.

Some actors are just such a pleasure to watch (not that Nora actress, Alex).

Though sfx people bloody tears fail!

Love this scene.   Though Bill looks shifty, Eric is horrified that he’s let Russell off the hook and now he is going after Sookie.

And now for my guilty admission.  I know it’s wrong, I know it is, but I thought Elija was HOT!!!!!  Yes, even hotter than Eric now that they’ve chopped his hair off for good.  Sorry  to see Elija go just for the eye candy aspect.

And there we have it for Episode 10.

Screen Caps Witch of Bon Temps.

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