THIS is the reason I canceled HBO

Ah the first teaser for the Sixth Season of True Blood.  It looks dreadful. 

Immediately after the end of Season Five I canceled HBO. I couldn’t even get up the energy to post a blog for the last episode. True Blood has become a ridiculous mess.  Alan Ball’s early comment/promise that he would “stay true to the spirit of the books” has been proven a lie.  Who cares if EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER is in danger YET AGAIN this season.  

The Southern Vampire Mysteries book series is about this unusual woman and the small town in which she lived.  The characters are part of a small community that a reader comes to know and love.  True Blood has contorted, distorted and corrupted these characters until they have become unrelated to each other and infinitely unlikable.  Why should I care about what happens to anyone?

Honestly put this show out of it’s misery.  It’s a mess.   It’s been a mess since Maryann was elevated to a main character and it’s only gotten worse as the seasons have gone on.

By the looks of the casting calls the TPTB haven’t learned any lessons from the past. It’s another cast of thousands with several principal “big bads” who will be dead by the end of the season. YAWN.

“There’s no one to protect us now!”  That’s certainly true.  “It’s the beginning of the end.”  It surely is, though I would argue Season 4 Episode 8 was the beginning of the end.  


2 Responses to “THIS is the reason I canceled HBO”

  1. 1 isismama
    March 31, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    TB has been a huge disappointment for several reasons. I always try to ignore the bits that I hate (Maryann, Marnie clusterfuck, Calvin Norris as white trash, etc) and only look at the good stuff (ASkars, ASkars, ASkars, etc). I’ll still watch season 6 and I’ll still be pissed off, but at least I’ll have a few Viking lines to run through my head for ‘sweet alone time’. ; )
    But you’re right, TB is a huge fail 90% of the time…at least.
    I didn’t even know about SVM until after the first 2 1/2 seasons. I really liked TB (and even Bill, I’m ashamed to say), until I read the books. Even if I hadn’t read the books, I probably wouldn’t like the miriad of sub plots and whacked-out characters that have developed over the years.
    It’s like they took dozens (or hundreds) of fantastical fanfics and spliced them all together.
    One more thing…if they were going to morph Godric’s character into something so yummy, then why the hell would they yank him away from us?
    I was wrong, I still have one more gripe (okay, not just one, but ya know). Why change Sookie (the heroine!) to be someone so unrecognizable?
    Okay, I’m done.

    • April 1, 2013 at 3:08 pm

      I showed the trailer to my friend yesterday and we both laughed gleefully when Sookie faceplants in vamp goo then we agreed how sad it was the True Blood has ruined her character so much that we enjoy watching TB Sookie be humiliated like that.

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