“Gone, Gone, Gone” to get a snack, really. call me if anything original happens: True Blood Season 5 Episode 10

This show has gotten so bad I’m finding it hard to find any motivation to write this week.

What I noticed most this week was how much was stolen from other stories and from previous seasons of True Blood itself.

1. Let’s talk about this Warlow character.

First of all, look at the writing on this scroll:

Someone was playing Hangman!!

Jason and Sookie find a scroll with writing that clearly isn’t in any language.  What  do they assume? Why it’s human, of course, and off they go to Northern Lousiana State University to speak to a linguistics professor.

If these two had any deductive reasoning they would have gone directly to their faerie whatevertheyare and either left room for another 4-5 minute scene or let the show end in 42 minutes instead of 47:28 and we all could have gone to bed earlier.

So these two geniuses get a clue and visit this family of faeries that claim they’ve been looking out for Stackhouses for centuries (but they’re not very good a protecting, just watching) and we find that faeries have a gestation period of about what? 5 to 8 days?  How long has it been since Maurella and Andy had their tryst?

So Maurella uses her ancient Faerie powers to translate this THING and…

We find that the writers have decided to borrow from the Brothers Grim and Warlow is actually this guy…..

Better show by the way…

2.  Lilith?

Or Akasha from “Queen of the Damned”

Anne Rice should sue.

3.  Sam and Luna?

Or the mice who run planet Earth in “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?”

4.  Does this look familiar?

No?  Then let me  take you back to Season 3.

5.  This image familiar?

How about last episode?

Just an example of how my mind wandered throughout the episode, even after watching it 3 times to try to write this week’s blog!

6.  Did you all HAVE to kill off Molly?  She was the first new character I really liked.

Look at that Bastard’s face

Hate you more than I thought possible Bill.

Bye Molly.  You didn’t deserve this!

7. Why after just telling Jason that Mike Spencer wanted to suck her toes would Sookie, in her pajamas, let Mike Spencer into her house?  C’mon writers please give our girl SOME sense!

However, the result of her stupidness gave me one of my rare real laughs of the season:

Sookie, her chopstake and her disguest!

8.  Why couldn’t Russel have just killed Nora.  Kill her man, kill her now.  You kill Molly but save Nora?  She’s just the worst!

Now  the Good.  There WERE a few very good scenes and another wonderful performance from Alexander Skarsgard.

Aside from the Sookie/Mike scene,  I thought these scenes were of the quality this show should be all the time:

Jessica glamouring herself and Jason out of Hoyt’s mind and heart:

Tara kicking major ass!!!!

“I don’t know nothing about birthing no vampire babies!”

Off with Elija’s head!

Taking no prisoners, making no excuses

Like mother like daughter.  BTW make-up people, could we please cut down on the fake eyelashes.  They’re getting distracting!

The pleasure that is Ginger!

Loved this little bit of Russell:

“I wish I had just one drop of faerie blood to….

“….stuff in your pie hole!!”

Oh Jason LOL!

Another great performance by Alexander Skarsgard:

Father I tried….

to save her.

Some actors are just such a pleasure to watch (not that Nora actress, Alex).

Though sfx people bloody tears fail!

Love this scene.   Though Bill looks shifty, Eric is horrified that he’s let Russell off the hook and now he is going after Sookie.

And now for my guilty admission.  I know it’s wrong, I know it is, but I thought Elija was HOT!!!!!  Yes, even hotter than Eric now that they’ve chopped his hair off for good.  Sorry  to see Elija go just for the eye candy aspect.

And there we have it for Episode 10.

Screen Caps Witch of Bon Temps.


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  1. August 23, 2012 at 1:01 am

    Thanks for taking the time to do these things!!! ♥♥

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