“Let’s Boot and Rally” Yes, Really FINALLY! True Blood S5 E5

I find I’ve been ambivalent the last few weeks and didn’t get up the gumption to do my weekly questions after viewing Episode 7, however, an ifrit lit a fire under my butt and I  forced myself to  sit down, watch all three episodes again and take notes.

In “Let’s Boot and Rally,” I have to commend Angela Robinson for FINALLY trying to give us old spunky fun Sookie back.  There were no tears, she pulled herself up by her “boot straps” and took the lead.  So Bravo Angela!

Now to the questions:

1.  Did we really need Jason’s mother asking him if he wanted a little sex or a blow job?   They tried to distract us with his adorable HeMan, Masters of the Universe footie pajamas, but it just didn’t distract me enough. Yuck!

2.  So, why did the vamp need Doug to carry Russell to the abandoned asylum?  Whoever it is is an ancient vampire, therefore very strong and could have picked Russell up and taken him vamp speed there.  Once he delivered Russell, why didn’t this vampire feed him to Russell or munch on him his/herself?  What was the point of keeping him alive? It seems it’s simply a plot point for the writers to get what others have dubbed “The Scooby Gang” to find Russell.  There is no way this vampire could have known Sookie would lead them there.  Of course there was no way for him/her to know…….oh, I’m saving  that for the 7th episode.

3.  Who are these Sanguinestas and what havoc have they wreaked so far?  We haven’t heard about any wide-spread vamp carnage on the show.  Are they just the traitors in The Authority,  therefore, making them as lame as The Guardian and The Authority?

I’m giving nothing away to say I figured it’s been Salome all along.  Oh by the way Salome is the worst.  Worst character and one of the most obvious actors on the show.  Subtlety is not in her repertoire.

4.  Why is Bill ALWAYS an ass?  What grounds did he have to accuse Eric of being a liar and a traitor?  Ugh!  Bill.

Why doesn’t Eric just give him the true death and put us all out of our misery?

5. So, these guys in this so-called “hate” group, that we now know wear Obama masks, are such sharp shooters that they were able to aim through the trees and shoot both of those shifters in the head so quickly  that neither one was able to get up and run.  Also, they are so good, that they didn’t miss and hit them anywhere else, it only took one bullet each.  Aside from how offensive the whole thing is, I just gotta ask, REALLY?

And while we’re at it.  How do they know there even are shifters let alone who they are?

Parts of the episode I really liked:

Spunky Sookie is back!

“Thanks Tara!”

“First of all, I’ve seen enough horror movies to know you don’t split up when you’re in a big scary asylum and there’s a crazed killer on the loose!”

“Second, I think it fair to say my microwave fingers and the sun are about the only things around here that seem to have any effect on Russell.”

“So the way I see it, it’s ME protecting YOU from him instead of the other way around.”

Sookie puking on Alcide made my evening!!

“Alcide! You sure now how to treat a lady!”

Not getting my hopes up, but in episode 5 and 6 we had some great eye communication between Eric and Sookie:

Sookie: “Where were you guys anyway? We were worried.”  Eric: “Clearly.”

Really nice scene between Jessica and Tara and the beginnings of a possible BVFF:

Hahahaha Jason:



Poor Andy asking a question he really doesn’t want to know the answer to:

Sam anything “hinkey” you want to tell Andy?

Yup Andy, they’re shifters……

Screen caps by Witch of Bon Temps.


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