We’ll Meet Again. Really? True Blood Season 5 Episode 4

So this week raises a lot of questions, not the least of which is one I’ve been asking for several seasons.

1.  What the HELL is up with Sookie?  When did she turn into the whiny sniveling weepy damn waste of space?

This above all is what has ruined this show for me.  Alan Ball lied when he said he would keep to the spirit of the books.  The spirit of the books is Sookie Stackhouse, a strong, brave, tough smart woman, who comes up with savvy plans to save those she loves.  This is not the Sookie that appears on this show.  This Sookie does.not.think.  She reacts in a bratty childish way every.single.time.  She killed Debbie, but she admits she didn’t have to, she wanted to.  I know it’s not the books, but at least in the books she killed Debbie to protect herself.  Oh and Eric got in the way of the bullet, just one more Eric plot point given to someone else in the show.

2.  Why all of a sudden is Sookie a telepath after seemingly forgetting she was for three seasons?

Last week she started actually hearing people.  I may be repeating myself but it’s worth repeating, if she could only remember she’s a telepath at all times, she could avoid a lot of trouble. How’s about Debbie Pelt for one.  Had she listened, she would have been out the door before Debbie turned the corner, and Tara would still be a misery (have to say she has improved being a vampire).

3. Why did Eric have to release Pam?  He could have simply commanded her not to follow him or commanded her to leave Louisiana and hide.  It was a beautiful scene, but one wonders where the writers are going to go from here.

4.  Usually I only comment on what’s on the show, not “Inside the Episode,” but  this week causes a question or perhaps, it seems, an answer to a question that I’ve been asking from Season 2 on…

Do the writers bother to watch the show or go back to see what went before the episode they are writing currently?  Does “True Blood” employ a continuity person?  It’s perplexing.

Alexander Woo, writer of this episode in “Indside the Episode”:    “The scene between Jessica and Bill parallels the Eric/Pam scene, Bill doesn’t release Jessica……”  Say what now?

Don’t remember this little scene in Season 3 Mr. Woo?

Bill:”Jessica there is no time for this you must collect your things and leave immediately.”

Jessica: “Well where we goin’?”

Bill:  “We’re not goin’ anywhere.  Look at me.  As your maker I release you.”

Jessica: “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Bill: “It means our ties are  broken, you’re free to go.”

Now Jessica doesn’t like it and Mr. Weepy McWeepy does comfort her but he’s still RELEASED her!  Bill apologists say because she didn’t want it, it didn’t happen, well, what does it matter whether she wanted it or not?  He’s her bloody maker and he bloody released her!

Mr. Woo, HBOGO features every episode from every season, you might want to watch them before you write another episode.  Thank you.

5. This one is FREAKIN’ AMAZING!  How did Sookie jump out of a car going 80 miles an hour and not get as much as one scratch?  I would have expected her to twist an ankle or something, SOMETHING!

She doesn’t even get dirty!!!!  No ripped clothing.  Instead she walks into her house nice as you please and heads toward the liquor cabinet.  Which leads me to…….

6.  How is it possible that Sookie didn’t get alcohol poisoning or at the very least drunk to the point of blackout?  She’s drinking full glassfuls of liquor.  The woman is a size 2!!!!!  There is no way she’d be that lucid when Laffy called, let alone walking steadily out of the kitchen with those awful Orange Marzipans that Tara concocted.

Seriously, how is she still standing?

7.  Alcide really loved Debbie deep down despite everything?  Yes, I see how Alcide is mourning Debbie……..

8.  What kind of a business owner is Sam?  He tells people he doesn’t recommend any food on his menu?

Time to go into another line of business Mr. Merlotte!

Now for my salute to amazing performances or events that made me happy:

Sookie:  “I’m turning myself in.”  Jason: “Into what?”

Jason finds out Sookie had Tara turned.

“Kill the kid, kill the kid, kill the kid.”  THANK YOU!

And now for some of the finest acting that has ever been on this series….I give you Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) and Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pamela Swynford De Beaufort.)

Bravo Alex and Kristin.  BRAVO!!!


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