Huh, I “Really” don’t have many questions this week. True Blood Season 5, Episode 3 “I Am What You Made Me.”

I have to say, watching S5 Episode 3 of True Blood this week, I was more amused than I was confused, so I only have a few questions.

1. I still find the Authority completely lame.  A bunch of silly self-aggrandizing vampires, who I find hard to believe could organize anything, let alone a toe the mainstreaming line campaign.

 2. Would you really put a former crazy fundamentalist preacher who has been a vampire a mere 4 months in charge of Public Relations?  That’s just nuts and underlies the reason I find this storyline hard to swallow. I can’t believe this is going to take up a bulk of the season along with Terry’s Lifetime Movie storyline.

 3.  So, whoever came up with Franklin texting at vamp speed was a genius.  It was surprising and hilarious.  Couldn’t the writers come up with something else unique for Pam?  It’s not so funny the second  time around.

Or even the third.

 4.  So Sookie remembers her faerie hands of fail at Fangtasia, in front of a bazillion vampires and fangbangers, but she couldn’t get herself out of a ring of fire last season.  Really?

5. Elvis?  Tracy’s Toggs?  Really?  Writers do you really think throwing in a name or reference from Charlaine Harris’ books will placate the Bookie’s you’ve already pissed off by assassinating the personalities of the characters they love so well?  Let me give you a clue.  It doesn’t, it makes it all the more annoying that you have run completely off the rails and emphasizes the fact that the show is not as Alan Ball promised, “in the spirit of the books.”

 Tracy’s Toggs.  Should be TARA’s TOGGS

Now for the moments I thought were great or which made me lol.

I really liked Sam taking care of Tara.  I’ve always liked the two together and wish the writers would put them back together again.  I particularly liked Sam in this episode.  I think it had something to do with the fact that he was in his proper role as the owner of Merlottes and friend of Sookie.  He should be the solid center of the show and not be off in some tangent storyline that nobody cares about.

I liked his scene with Sookie too.  “Boobs, boobs, boobs” for the very same reason.

The Making of Pam flashback has been the highlight of the whole season so far.  Alex and Kristin are wonderful, two of the best actors in the series.

I even enjoyed it with the oh so obvious insertion of Lorena and Bill into it.  TPTB can’t give Eric his very own moment, they always have to remind us how much we’re supposed to be into Bill.  I wish they understood  that by doing this, it has made the character of Bill one of the least liked characters.

At any rate I found Lorena and Bill’s role in this flashback hilariously funny.

He’s trying so hard….

Poor little guy!

Aaannddd THIS Bill face makes me LMAO.  The one he uses every time he’s up against the Viking God… I truly cannot see it without laughing out loud.

The following are my other favorite moments or ones that made me LOL:

Arlene’s face when she realizes Tara is a vampire.

Arlene running behind Alcide to protect her from Tara. 

Alcide’s “Nothing is going on?” face.

Those silly istakes.

Kenya’s “looking at Andy’s Ass on Facebook” face.

And finally, I lol’d when Salome said “Do you know who I am?”  It took me right to an Eddie Izzard routine, “The Deathstar Canteen,” which I saw in a tryout (rehearsal) and live.  If you’re not familiar with Eddie Izzard or this routine here it is watch it!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp69rg6Hdlo   It’s hilarious there are also many tributes in Legos  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv5iEK-IEzw !  I can’t link here but copy the web address and go watch!   Seriously, go watch one of them NOW!  You’ll be happy you did!

Photos courtesy of The Witch of Bon Temps and black-celebration.net


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