Steve Newlin is now a Vampire. “Really?” True Blood Season 5 Episode 2 “The Authority Always Wins”

Here are  this week’s questions to TPTB of True Blood.

1.  Steve Newlin almost killed Sookie and all those she loved three seasons ago.  Why is her reaction when she learns he’s a vampire a mere, “Really?”   Also, the baaad vampire who might be out there waiting to kill her is looking right at her from a t-shirt and she has no reaction what-so-ever.  Forgive me if I’m wrong, did Eric’s amnesia from last season transfer to Sookie?



2. All of a sudden Sookie has her telepathic powers back. This is amazing!  When did they come back?  Can you imagine the trouble she would have been able to stay out of had she rediscovered those power sooner?


3. Why in the world would The Authority think Eric and  Bill are Sanguinistas?  If they knew Bill and Eric killed Nan, wouldn’t they know that they both have had a relationship with a human? (No matter how short.)


4.  And while we’re at it what’s  this wishy washy mythology about silver?  It’s so toxic, that if it touches the skin of a vampire it burns it right off.  Variously, one silver handcuff will weaken one to his knees, a big bulky chain will keep a vampire immobile, though it one is silvered in a cemetery it seems he, if he’s Bill, can escape.  So my main question on this.  How could a vampire possible survive if pure silver is injected into his veins.  Hmmmm.  Think about that……


5.  The Authority has been around for thousands of years and they haven’t come up with better interrogation methods than “You’re buddy just squealed on you, don’t you want to squeal on him?”  Also, what’s the point of telling Eric that Nora met the true death and then dragging her into the meeting room and dragging her out again.  Wouldn’t it be more effective on Eric to continue to think she was truly dead?  IDK, The Authority stuff seems a little “Much Ado About Nothing” to me.


6.  Why does’t that HUGE keg, crush that girl when Jessica drops it on her HEAD?  The girl pops up and isn’t even very drunk after beer bonging keg-style.



7. Why does Roman yell at Bill that he was King and allowed Eric to bury Russell alive?  He most certainly was not King at the time.  Sloppy TB writers.  Sloppy!


8.  I was thinking of this when we were told there would be Eric/Pam flashbacks, but a friend pointed it out to me today….Why in the flashback is Eric’s hair 2012 short and not Viking length as it was in Season 1?  I’ve already bitched about Eric’s hair, but be assured every time I watch the show I am completely aggravated that this Viking’s hair just get’s shorter and shorter and more and more brown.  On True Blood, he’s not even a viking anymore, what makes Eric, Eric is no more. Nothing NOTHING aggravates me more, not Eric deferring all the time to his new love King Bill, not Bill’s constant puss face, not Sookie constantly apologizing for Bill, not even Pam being turned in to a selfish helpless idiot last season.  ERIC SHOULD HAVE LONG HAIR!  Get a good wig, make-up and hair department, they are out there, deal w/a wig Alex, it’s part of the character!   Geesh!

THIS IS ERIC even in the horrible excuse for a wig that PROFESSIONALS put on him.

Highlights of the week:

Dale Dicky’s heartbreaking plea to see her granddaughter.


Eric saving Pam in 1900s San Francisco from being knifed. Alexander’s face in response to Pam’s “If I meet a lady I’ll let her know.”  Tell’s you everything you need to know about the start of Eric’s and Pam’s relationship.



Nelsan Ellis AGAIN!


Rutina’s delivery “I will never forgive either of you.”


Steve Newlin’s dance into Jessica’s Party


Mrs. Fortenberry’s promise “I’m gonna bake you a pie.”


Screencaps courtesy of http://black-celebration.net/


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