Faerieland on True Blood still looks like a Faerie Fail

This is now the full first 8 minutes of the Season 4 premiere.

We have now seen the first 8 minutes of S4 E1 of True Blood. Looks like we’re spending a lot of time in Faerieland. Many of my Trubie friends like the fact that Faerie is looking like it’s all evil instead of a Summer’s Eve commercial. I am not so happy. Faerie looks like it could turn into another Maryanne debacle. Are they pulling the Faerie war from book 9 into this season? Because we don’t need the Faerie war to suck up valuable Amnesia Eric/Jason Drama/Witch war time. The reason I find Charlaine Harris’ books so delightful is her world is populated with supes who live their lives among humans. Read enough of her books and you start looking at the people who pass you on the street wondering which type of supe they might be. Not in the world of True Blood though. I’m not thrilled that most of the faeries are going to be evil, their main objective harvesting faerie hybrids. Just feels like the main story, as usual, is going to get shoved into the background. Only time will tell…19 days to go!


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