Bill and Sookie deserve their very own show and, God, so do we!


After sitting through close to 3 seasons of dumb as a post Sookie Stackhouse and her creepy lying beau Bill Compton schmooping up the scenery on True Blood, I have a suggestion for Alan Ball.  Why not spin off a show just for them?  Bill and Sookie in Fairyland!

In their new show they can love each other,

romp with (as Televisionwithoutpity says) the French models,

drink light water,

play with Sookie’s microwave hands,

and make love to their hearts’ content.

Just think of it.  Bill could continue to walk on water without us cranky naysayers giving it the PFFFFFTTTT!

and Claudine & Sookie could read each other’s minds all day.

All those fans who are so enamored with this couple would be in rapture for an hour each week and the rest of us could watch True Blood minus these three and enjoy a good vampire story with compelling characters:

Eric, The Viking, honorable, loyal, fierce:

Sassy and devoted daughter Vampire Pam

Baby vamp Jessica

The Face and Voice of the AVL, Nan

That crazy ole druid and King Russel Edgington

Denis O’Hare deserves two pictures!

Then Alan Ball can go back and resurrect some of the most compelling and amusing characters that have been on the show that  he prematurely killed off!

Dear dear psycho Franklin

Poor lovelorn Lorena

And spoiled dear husband Talbot

However, for the love of God, please let’s keep this thing in the grave….

Ahhhh.  What a fine show True Blood would be then!  And look I’m not even suggesting they follow the books at all!! 🙂

Thanks to http://fractured-simplicity.net/daydreaming/ for the screen shots!


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