Another Suitor on True Blood Rendered Unsuitable! Watch me Howl!

In the book Club Dead, Alcide Herveaux is the tall. dark, yet polite and respectful werewolf protector that Eric sends to help Sookie investigate the miss Bill Compton. When Alcide shows up on Sookie’s front porch, she cooks him breakfast and he helps her clean up. With Alcide she sees a glimpse of a sweet domestic future she can’t have with Bill.

I pictured him as a sorta Greg Evigan type, kind of pretty, kinda sweet, but huge

Alcide is nursing a broken heart, his girlfriend, Debbie Pelt, a werefox, has left him for a shifter, who turns himself into an owl. Alcide’s a partner with his father in a successful surveying business with homes/apartments in both Shreveport and Jackson. The Jackson apartment is very tastefully furnished and clean. Alcide has a sister, Janice who owns a beauty parlor, you know one you would actually go to, to look your best. She’s a nice woman with a child. Alcide and Sookie are undercover as boyfriend and girlfriend, and Janice is happy that Alcide is finally dating again.

Sookie and Alcide appreciate each other’s looks and personalities and are attracted. They have a bit of time to get to know each other, as Alcide takes Sookie, first to dinner (he pays, which impresses her) and then to “Josephines” or “Club Dead” an intriguing supernatural club, with invisible valets, a warning spell to ward off humans, a goblin for a doorman, a dance floor and small stage for a band. Vamps and weres frequent this club. It’s a club you dress up for. Sookie is there to subtly read the minds of the vampire’s humans, as Bill was taken in the daytime. Sookie and Alcide are UNDERCOVER as DATES. Sookie is not so dumb as to deliberately put herself in danger with the biker were gang that enters the club. They however make a pass when Alcide is in the men’s room. That’s Acide and Sookie from the book “Club Dead,” by Charlaine Harris.

Now lets look at TRUE BLOOD Sookie and Alcide.

Alcide is cranky, unfriendly, scruffy (save for the over worked-out weirdly hair-free body).

As written it is completely unbelievable that Sookie would be drawn to him romantically. The scene touted as loaded with sexual tension, just wasn’t. I blame the writers for the most part, but the actors just have no chemistry together. They can say the lines and do the blocking, but if the pull isn’t there, it just isn’t there.

There has been no character development, no scenes in which the two would have time to get to know each other. Alcide is always getting beat up, he get’s Sookie into this dumb club the writers came up with, “Lou Pines,” and leaves her on her own to do and say stupid things to the dangerous weres on “V,” not once but TWICE. He lets her boss him around. She has no respect for him whatsoever, delves into his head at will (since the writers have decided she can read any mind but vamps, it’s no problem for her. The subtlety of the different natures of supe minds and how much Sookie can read them have been abandoned by the writers, guess it’s too complicated for the idiotic story they’ve come up with), and exploits it. Also, EVERYONE can beat him up, from the Swayze were in the club to Cooter who aimed and landed in his family junk (as Jason would say). I’m not even going to get into how much I hate what’s been done to Sookie on this show. If Alcide went away tomorrow it would have no impact on Sookie’s life or even the show.

HBO is pushing this werewolf stuff w/were paraphernalia as if the show has made them attractive creatures. It hasn’t. If there were Weres in this universe and they  were like the weres on True Blood, I wouldn’t touch one. Why would I want to wear a were t-shirt? They’ve taken “Club Dead,” aka “Josephine’s,” a place that seemed perhaps a bit seedy but mysterious, where one could meet many different kinds of supes and turned it into “Lou Pines” (yeah yeah, clever pun, whatever) a place I wouldn’t want to step foot into.

Sure, I bought up the Merlottes glassware and t-shirt, and Fangtasia glassware and t-shirt. Both places I dearly love and wish were real. Those two establishments created by Charlaine Harris that unbelievably have remained true to the books on True Blood. Actually, those two establishments are the only recognizable aspects from the books.


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