FINALLY, I have my Sookie, Eric and Bill back (Episode 26 – Beautifully Broken).

I’m behind a week…I’ll try to catch up this week.  I will at least be up to date by the time episode 4 airs…..Now on to blogging…

I find myself at a loss.  I’m so used to being angry at the end  of a True Blood episode.  However, this episode, episode 2, “Beautifully Broken,”  was the best episode in all the 26 episodes of  True Blood.  Everyone’s character was right on target, the humor was dead on, and  I enjoyed every single second of it.

Sookie stopped being the poor victim, waiting for Bill to save her and started taking action.    She goes to Eric and asks for what she Perhaps she doesn’t completely trust him but she knows deep down will be there for her.

In this episode, she finally starts using  her telepathy.  She runs after the stalker werewolf and, though not the brightest move, she starts showing  her courageous side.

She takes the gun Terry gives her, telling him “I’m not THAT blond,” checks the chamber and sticks it in her apron.  There’s that spunk I always knew she had!

Yeah, that’s my  Sookie.  Not the schmoopy girl who constantly depends on  “Beeeellll”

In this episode Bill actually cracked a smile in cruel irony!  Who knew Bill could smile?  He’s always got the grimising puss on his face!   Bill actually used his vamp powers to rip apart the werewolves who were  threatening him!

Bill also seemed to actually have a not so very nice secret.

For once Bill wasn’t St. Bill!   He was Bill who isn’t perfect.  He was actually a vampire.  I’ve been so tired of his self-loading.  There is no changing back dear Bill, embrace who you are or just  run yourself through with a stake.  Please if you’re going to contiue to hate yourself put us out of our misery.  Bill’s attitude toward authority still pisses me off and his self-rightousness is  just a bit much to take, but if Alan Ball and the writers keep writing the character like this, I might grow to like and respect  Bill again.

Now for my Eric.  I’m biased, I know, but from the moment he was mentioned in the books, he had my heart.  Yes, there was the long hair, that will get me pretty much 99% of the time, but he’s what I call a Tootsie Pop man and, for me, they’re irresistable.  What is it about Tootsie Pop men?  Hard shell on the outside, gooey on the inside…  In this episode, thank the Goddess,  we got to see that.

Sookie was there for Eric and Godric.  Something Mr. Tough Guy will never forget.  He might pretend he has better things to do, but when Sookie comes asking, whether she expects it or not, he’ll do what he can to give her what she wants.

Eric was intrigued by her at first, but now, there’s a respect and a fondness for her audaciousness.  Who would dare stand up to the great Sheriff of Area 5?

I was so happy to see that in the end,  Eric can’t lie to Sookie.  I loved the juxtaposition of Franklin Mott finding Bill’s file on Sookie and Eric coming to her door telling her he lied to her.

How long did it take Eric to own up?  He had to go to ground right after she left Fangtasia and I’ll warrant it wasn’t long after dusk that he showed up at her door to confess what he held back from her.  He even told her a bit of his past.   There’s something you don’t hear from a vamp every day, huh, Sookie?

We also got to finally see his sly sense of humor.  We were all left squeeing when he says with a bit of a wink,  “I’m not leaving, your going to invite me so I can protect you… or have  passionate primal sex with you…how about both?”

Eric teases her about marrying Bill, giving her a genuine smile.

Yes, this is Eric.  He tells Sookie what he wants, but doesn’t take it unless she offers.  Eric is not ashamed of who he is or what he is.

He’s proud, he’s loud, get used to it!

This episode gave me great hope that I will love this show again.  I hope the writers don’t let me down.

Thanks to http://fractured-simplicity.net/daydreaming/ for the screen caps.


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