Eric’s Hair in True Blood Just Will Not Stand!

Alexander Skarsgard is a handsome man, but this hair cut makes me crazy, even if he wasn’t playing Eric Northman, who’s long BLOND hair is as much his character as the fact that he’s a Viking and owns a vampire bar, I  still say Alex needs to grow it out a bit.  Last year’s hair cut pissed me off but at least it was a nice cut on him and the color was great.


This year Alex/Eric looks like someone’s dad or like he’s about to appear  in Mad Men and what’s with the color?  This look gives off a definitely different vibe than Eric should have:

This is what Eric looks like.

This artist got him just right.  Okay so he hated the wig in Season 1 but at least he looked like Eric:

I just don’t understand why Alex can’t grow out his hair and have it blond.  He’s done it for other films and it’s definitely needed for this show, damnit!!  WOBT


2 Responses to “Eric’s Hair in True Blood Just Will Not Stand!”

  1. 1 alphaen
    May 27, 2011 at 10:10 am

    Hi, there,

    Loved your view on TB! What AB has done to the show is horrible. Tara is the worst, although the idea of turning the were panthers into a bunch of inbreds is even more distasteful. Cannot begin to express how deeply disappointing it is to watch episode after episode to grasp bits and pieces of the main plot. I watch the show only because of Eric (Alex), and it kills me that such a reach character is robbed of so many good scenes and traits. And Sookie… well, could the TB version of her be more backwater hand stupid? If she ends up with Bill, she deserves him. Sorry, but TB will never give us what we expect based on the books.
    On a separate note, after reading Dead Reckoning, I am not sure what will become of the Eric/Sookie pairing either. Oh, well, at least there’s always fanfiction…

    • May 27, 2011 at 1:35 pm

      I agree with you. Hotshot is especially disappointing and what they did to poor Calvin! 😦 And after seeing Rutina’s “screen test” I’m afraid we’re going to be seeing that quivering lower lip again this year. I swear it’s almost a character all by itself. I too watch for Eric and Pam. I hate to curse it and say I’m hopeful that Sookie is going to come back from “Summer’s Eve Land” with a backbone and a sense of humor after seeing the current promos. I’d like to say we’ll be happy with the Amnesiac Eric storyline, but I just don’t trust Alan that much. And the rumor is she’ll be taking Bill back at the end. Disgusting. I like them better as uncomfortable friends.

      As far as Dead Reckoning goes. I really loved the book. I was glad the blood bond was broken and that they both realized how much they loved each other. They both need to change a bit (communicate with each other a biggie) but I think this is a great set up for both Sookie and Eric to fight to stay together. I also hope Sookie will finally embrace the fact that she is indeed a supe and not an outsider in the next two books. I do have a niggling fear that Sookie will end up with Sam, but I still have hope for Eric. You know she might just end up satisfied with herself and that would be all right with me too.

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